Bring Home an Olympic Gold With SOLIDWORKS PDM

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Reducing the Need for 2D Drawings – Summary of the MBE Summit

In April, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted the annual Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit, a meeting held to discuss the challenges and lessons learned in manufacturing read more
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Demystifying Plastic Part Design – Part 2 of 2

Part one can be found here: .

Let’s take a look at how SOLIDWORKS Plastics actually works.  Today, we’ll run a quick mold flow simulation on the sp

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How Much "Air" is in a Bag of Chips?

Does anybody else get really frustrated when they open a bag of chips and see mostly air? I’m sure this air has a purpose, but you can’t help feeling disappointed when you open the bag and most of it’ read more
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Demystify Plastic Part Design – Part 1 of 2

Think designing an injection molded plastic part is easy? Try hitting up your favorite internet search engine with “guidelines for plastic part design”. You’ll find a litany of material on the subject read more
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What Takes Longer: Creating an Assembly Parts Lists, or Brewing Your Morning Coffee?

You’ve worked your way through the full design of your product assembly. You’re just about ready for this project to be complete. And then the dreaded happens: Your boss tasks you with creating assemb read more

Stress Less -- Simplify Your Models with SOLIDWORKS!

Image 1


Most of us have dreamed of a simpler life — one that allows us to enjoy more freedom and less stre

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Creating a Custom OCR Dictionary in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2016

New for 2016 is the OCR Editor for creating your own custom OCR dictionaries.  While the default OCR engine performs relatively well with good quality drawings created by the majority of CAD software, read more
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Adding a Comparison Application for the Compare Command

Have you ever tried to use the Compare tool in PDM Professional (or Enterprise PDM)?  View the History for a file, Ctrl + click on two version of a file and then hit the Compare Button.   And this read more
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Shockingly Easy to Draw Schematics!

Looking at wiring diagrams or schematics can be intimidating sometimes, there is a lot going on in just a 2D drawing. Think of schematics as treasure maps, it’s basically telling us where to find thin read more
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Simulation Tech Tip: Mesh Sectioning

We’ve got our simulation study set up for the above shown suspension bracket. We’ve meshed the assembly, and think it looks pretty good… but how do we know? It’s important to have a larger number read more
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The Xpert That Can Help You

How many times a day do you see this? SOLIDWORKS is telling us that there is something wrong with this sketch. Sure; we could spend a few minutes trying to understand what the problem is, and how t read more
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SOLIDWORKS MBD: DimXpert in Assemblies!

DimXpert in Assemblies The DimXpert tool is commonly used in SOLIDWORKS MBD in order to display dimensions and tolerances onto your 3D Views. Previous to SOLIDWORKS 2016, DimXpert was only accessible read more

SOLIDWORKS Modeling For Performance: How to Get Better Performance, without Spending a Penny on Hardware

So you have your hard-earned $2,500 in hand, and are ready to invest it in a powerful new machine. After all, that will solve all your performance frustrations inside SOLIDWORKS, right? Not so fast. read more
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DesignPoint Customer, Onkos Surgical, Supports Difficult Tumor Case with 3D Printed Medical Model

3D Systems pioneers healthcare solutions that enhance quality-of-life through the use of 3D printing technologies and has been a leader in surgical planning and personalized medical solutions for almo read more
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PDM (Play Data Management): How PDM won the Broncos the Super Bowl

Ok, I am not even sure if any company/team associated with the NFL is using PDM.  Really, this is just a poor ploy to get you to read this blog post.  But now that you are here, let’s imagine the Denv read more
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Building a Cost Effective Workstation for SOLIDWORKS 2016

We receive a few calls every month looking for recommendations from users and CAD administrators building or buying new PCs to run SOLIDWORKS.  Depending on your primary workflow, the PC requirements read more
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Copy Settings Wizard

When you get into a car after someone else has driven, it’s usually necessary to re-adjust the seat, mirrors, or maybe even the radio to what is most comfortable for you. What if I told you there is a read more
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Headed to SOLIDWORKS WORLD, in Dallas? Don’t forget your Lasso (selection tool)!

Many of us here at DesignPoint will be headed out to Dallas Texas next week for SOLIDWORKS World 2016. It’ll three full days of informative SOLIDWORKS sessions, and I’ll venture a guess that more than read more
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SOLIDWORKS Composer: What's New for 2016?

SOLIDWORKS adds many new enhancements in each consecutive release. While some number of these are truly new features, many of the enhancements look to improve the user experience by making common task read more
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